Zach Lipovsky

Zach has been around film sets almost his entire life. He started working in the film industry as a child actor, when his producer mom decided to put him in front of the camera. In these early years, he starred in many Canadian films and television shows, and by high school was creating his own body of work. By- passing college, he joined a filmmaking cooperative and combined his acting and filmmaking experiences with his natural skills in vfx and post production, to create visually stunning yet emotionally engaging films.Crazy Late, his award winning short for the 2005 Crazy 8s, gained him notoriety amongst his filmmaking peers in Vancouver, as well as pushed him forward in the worldwide search for up and coming filmmakers for 'On the Lot', a television series produced by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett. At 23, Zach was the only Canadian to make it to the top 18, beating out 12,000 filmmakers. From the first filmmaking challenge, he quickly stood out from the pack and throughout the

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