Yuval David

Yuval is a formally trained and well-experienced stage actor. He then progressed to also star in television and film.Yuval began acting at a young age receiving accolades for his roles in plays at theatres around the country, eventually leading him to Broadway and Off-Broadway.The son of internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Ziva Cohen, Yuval was raised in an artistic home. Having the dance background, fused with his athleticism and sports experience, gives Yuval a heightened physical vocabulary. His physical awareness and prowess is evident in the way he uses his entire instrument, his body, in creating and exploring his characters.Yuval began training in the performing arts at a young age, and focused on acting in addition to dance and clowning. Today, with his experience in dance and physical theatre, he incorporates his agility in playing roles with intuition and sensitivity.Since early childhood he knew he would become an actor. He made the realization while in nursery

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