Yulia Petrauskas

Yulia Petrauskas, was born in Toronto, Ontario to Irena Simanavicius, an entrepreneur and all around bad ass single mother. She is of Lithuanian descent. Yulia grew up in Parkdale and attended Etobicoke School of The Arts. While still in attendance at Etobicoke School of The Arts, Yulia supported herself with many odd jobs in high school, most notably working for a party and costume company and playing multiple mascot characters, including: a gold fish, a giant tub of yogurt and Barney at many functions and children's birthday parties, where she was frequently used as a human piñata. Yulia was able to develop and hone her artistic craft at the Etobicoke School of the Arts and Central Technical School. While attending school, Yulia was also granted the opportunity to nurture her sense of identity and connection to her culture through completing her junior year in Germany where she had the opportunity to live and study as a young teen. While there Yulia attended Vasario 16-osios Gimnazij

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