Yolandi Franken

Yolandi Franken was born in South Africa and relocated to Australia in 2006. She currently lives in Sydney with Jacques, her husband and their 2 Labrador dogs.When it comes to TV shows and Films Yolandi doesn't have a preference in genre. She likes anything from love stories to action and sci-if. Her favorite music is 30 seconds to Mars and dance music including Red Foo. Basically, she is a model, an actress, a filmmaker and a title holder of some prestigious Australian and International beauty pageants. Yolandi Franken has worked in these fields all her life and worked on some large productions as well as a number of small ones. She is interested in film, fashion, modeling, acting, presenting, health and fitness and public speaking.In 2006, she immigrated to Australia to push through her career as a freelance producer who features short films, corporate videos, short films, and music videos. She accomplished her Screen Diploma in Australia. This is to guarantee that she would be educa

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