Yasser Ali Maher

Yasser Ali Maher is an Egyptian actor who was born to the Egyptian Writer Mohammad Ali Maher on April 23, 1958 in Cairo. He was educated in Salah Salem secondary school in Helwan and completed his secondary education in July 1977. He took a degree in arts from Cairo university with Arabic language as a major in 1983. After he completed his degree, He took two post graduate diploma certificates in both folk arts theatrical criticism.Yasser Ali Maher has been participating in minor and supporting roles in many well known movies like "Nasser 56" with the late Egyptian actor "Ahmed Zaki", "El-Aragooz (The Puppeteer)" with the late 'Omar Sharif", "Iskanderija, Kaman oue Kaman (Alexandria Once Again)" with the late director "Youssef Chahine", and "Donia Abdel Gabbar" with the Egyptian Actor "Mahmoud Abdel Aziz". His works went unnoticed until he achieved his first breakthrough with his well known role in "Welad El Am (Cousins)" in 2009. This role was followed by many well known roles in the

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