Yamac Okur


Yamaç Okur studied International Relations at Bogazici University in Istanbul. He is one of the founders of acclaimed Altyazi Cinema Magazine. He has been the director of Bogazici University Mithat Alam Film Center since 2003. He founded Bulut Film in 2006 with Nadir Operli. He produced Summer Book, directorial debut of Seyfi Teoman, which made its world premiere in Berlin Film Festival's Forum section. His second feature film as a producer Theron Patterson' Dark Cloud had been awarded Best Film at Bursa Silk Road Film Festival. He recently produced the second feature of Seyfi Teoman, Our Grand Despair, which will be in the main competition of Berlin Film Festival. Bulut Film is also one of the co-producers of On the Way to School which was competed in the main competition of IDFA in 2008. He is also serving at the advisory board for Meetings on the Bridge (Istanbul Film Festival Co-Production Platform) and at the executive committee of Mithat Alam Education Foundation.

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