William McGregor

William McGregor is a filmmaker hailing from rural Norfolk, England. Known for his strong use of landscape and often gothic themes.In 2007, William attended the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, England. Where he studied a Foundation Degree in Art and Design before beginning a BA in Digital Film and Screen Arts, also at the University for the Creative Arts.Williams first year student film Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite? (2009) won 10 international awards including the 'Royal Television Award for Best Drama'. 'The Cambridge University Film Festival' was subsequently renamed 'The Water Sprite Film Festival' after the film. 'The Royal Television Society' proclaimed the short as 'The best student film we have ever seen'.William followed up Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite? (2009) with two graduation films in 2010. Bovine (2010) a 35mm short film about a young boy on a farm which screened at the 'Berlinale Film Festival' and The Little (2010) a dark fantasy about a man and a snail

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