Doğum Adı: Walter Vincent Wright

Takma İsimler: Walt

Kısa Biyografi

Walter "Vince" Wright - born Walter Vincent Wright in Louisville, Ky on September 29. His mother and father were both well respected teachers in the community. Walter lived in Louisville, Kentucky all his childhood with his mother Veronica Wright, and two older brothers Ernest and Marcus, where he attended school up to the 12th grade. His father Ernest Wright, a civil rights activist in the Louisville school district, died in 1992 when Walter was 10 years old. Walter attend J. Graham Brown school from grades 2- 8 and competed in quick recall, the school band and ran track & field. During middle school, Walter made a name for himself playing local little league football in the Muhammad Ali Little League. During Walter's first year playing football his team had a perfect record, and they won the chance to meet Muhammad Ali at an ESPN event. Having had the chance to meet his childhood idol, he began to take sports and the entertainment industry seriously. After being accepted to Louisville's Dupont Manual High School, Walter mapped out his plan to become one of the best players his graduation year. While attending Dupont Manual, Walter was enlightened to YPAS (Youth Performing Arts School). He was able to obtain a scholarship to University of Northern Iowa where he played football and took theatre classes at Strayer-Wood theatre. He moved to Los Angeles to play football, and came across a casting company while looking for a job. What started out as a way to pay some bills sparked a love of acting after filling in for an acting role at work for Nickelodeon. During his time in Los Angeles, Walter was noticed by casting directors, producers and industry AD's who became his mentors. Walter built a name for himself in Los Angeles, which eventually lead to his career as an actor and producer. Walter now lives in Hollywood, CA working on film, TV, commercials and music videos. Walter founded and runs Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding Inc., a multi-media company and lifestyle brand which also functions as community outreach to at-risk youth. While working in the entertainment industry, Walter would like to start a youth mentorship program, inspired by the background of teachers in his family.

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