( 1974 - )

( 47 yaşında 1.83 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Hon-Leung Chung Tarihi: 30/11/1974 Yeri: Hong Kong

Takma İsimler: Xiao Wa

Kısa Biyografi

Wallace Chung, born in November 30, 1974 in Hongkong, China, film and television actor, singer, dancer. In 1993 in Hongkong, radio television debut, released 1995 debut album "OREA" 1999 will be the focus of work to film and television drama performances. In 2012 with the imminent "won the 26th China TV Golden Eagle" audience favorite actor "nomination is in the history of the Golden Eagle first finalists for the award of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan actor, and was awarded the 2012 Golden Eagle TV Art Festival" audience favorite Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan actor award "; in 2014 with the horizon moon knife" once again nominated for the award.

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