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Vinnie Velez is an American-Born actor based out of New York who began his journey in 2016 playing the lead role in a Spanish-language short film by producer Mark Farrell (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ben Stiller's Round Table). Coming from a law-enforcement family originating in the lower east side projects of Manhattan, Vinnie is often drawn to edgier/gritty roles. His hot-headed, dysfunctionally lovesick portrayal of the Italian Mike Rutherford in the 2019 feature film Highlighters showcases Vinnie's ability to turn from likable every-man to frightening adversary in an instant. Velez has made appearances in many feature films and commercials since 2017, having the opportunity to work with directors such as Todd Strauss-Schulson, Jim Jarmusch, John Stalberg, Jennifer Morrison, Mark Farrell and more. Though primarily a dramatic actor, Velez also has a strong base in Improvised Comedy and is slated to take on a few comedic roles in the upcoming year. Vinnie is represented by the reputable Andreadis Talent Agency out of New York City.

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