Vincent Rivera

At 5 years old, Vincent Rivera had a lively imagination. With this vivid imagination a very strong spark began in a young boy who would have a strong determination to make this dream to become an actor a reality. His family was amazed how singing, modeling and acting came naturally to Vincent because he knew what he wanted, so he began doing school plays by the age of 8, vocal lessons by the age of 9, then began singing as a background singer in the Latin Circuit with his famed, Salsa singer father, Johnny Rivera by age 14. By age 17, while his parents sent a message of "Education First," his mother and father supported Vincent in following his dreams of becoming an entertainer. They attended a model search and Vincent was signed immediately by two of New York's top agencies to begin his career in modeling and acting. He soon after was encouraged to move to NY by his agents and his career took off. As of 2015, Vincent is well known for his various film, TV, and over 100 national, local

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