Viktorija Faith

Viktorija Faith - is a global Actress and Singer-Songwriter. Her first debut as a young actress began at the age of 7 where she performed in theatre, television and small independent plays. From 1995 to 2001 Viktorija attended the Classical Music School -Lithuania (Vilniaus City, Karolinisckiu) as a classical pianist along with pop singing, acting and dancing training. Viktorija has always dreamed of being world-famous actress - superstar. Born in Lithuania, later moved to the UK from where she continued developing her talents by attending London "Musica Nova Academy", East London's Performing Arts college where she wrote her first songs and later subsequently graduated from the University of West London. Viktorija Faith speaks several languages however she wrote in English most of her songs. In 2014 Viktorija released her song 'The One' which reached the #4 spot on the Top 20 Charts in Lithuania and maintained this position for 5 weeks. "The One" also reached the top playlists of Euro

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