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Vicky L. Neal was born in Middletown, Ohio on 5 October 1962 to Ancil and Mildred Downey. From an early age, she discovered a love for writing stories. She attended Middletown High School and majored in English. In 1979, she graduated at the age of 16.While writing a vast array of stories into adulthood, she had her son Christopher on November 15, 1985. Two years later, she met Robert Neal and married on 28 August 1988. Their first daughter was born on 23 February 1990, and their second was born on 15 November 1996.In the early 90's, she made the transition from writing stories in novel form to screenplays. In 2003, she joined an online workshop for screenwriters where she became the all-time most active reviewer and submitted dozens of her own scripts for review. Entering dozens of contests resulted in many placements, but her first real break didn't come until she won a short script contest with her short Ghoul Mates (2006). The film was made, along with another of her shorts entitled The Date.Options on numerous feature scripts followed, along with dozens of writing jobs for indie filmmakers. Many other short films were made. In 2010, Deadly Karma (2011), her first feature, filmed. She began working on her first novel as well.She continues to live in Ohio with her husband and youngest daughter.

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