Tyler Case

Tyler Case, a born Floridian (Fort Lauderdale), was raised in Peachtree City, GA where he discovered his passion for acting. Tyler began to work in front of the camera at 5 years old doing print advertisement for different companies including Fisher-Price. From there, Tyler branched into commercials. At six years old, Tyler landed his first ever national commercial for Bounce Fabric Softer. Seeing himself on television was like adding coal to an already blazing fire - Tyler was burning with passion. By the time Tyler was 10 years old, he already had two trips to Los Angeles under his belt with many more to come. Tyler was educated in Los Angeles when he was in town for extensive periods of time, but got the majority of his education in his Georgian hometown. Tyler excelled in school and was enrolled in Gifted & Advanced Placement classes throughout his academic career. In addition to Acting and Academics, Tyler was able to play soccer for his local club team and High School's team (Sta

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