Tristan de Vere Cole


Tristan de Vere Cole served in the Royal Navy from the age of 16 to 25, and was then an actor and Assistant Stage Manager at the Bristol Old Vic, before starting his career in television.He directed episodes of many acclaimed series such as "Bergerac" (1981-1991), "Secret Army" (1979) and "Warship" (1974-1976), as well as the four-part classic serials Kenilworth (1967) and John Halifax, Gentleman (1974) and many period plays including Thirty-Minute Theatre (1965) and The Game (1997) set in 1913. He also directed Alan Plater's highly acclaimed Trinity Tales (1975). He directed the first ever episode of the long-running Yorkshire TV soap "Emmerdale" (1972-)Experience of shooting at sea proved valuable for his two feature films both Anglo-Norwegian productions.Orion's Belt (1985), shot in Spitzbergen, the Arctic, the North Cape and Oslo, and Dykket (1989), shot in the North Sea.

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