Tracy Griffith


Tracy Griffith was born to Peter Griffith and his second wife Nanita Greene Samuels on October 19, 1965 in New York City. She joined half-sister Melanie Griffith and two years later, her brother Clay A. Griffith joined the family of entertainers. She wanted to follow the footsteps of her half sister, Melanie and had a minor role in her film, Fear City (1984) in the role of Sandra Cook. She went to many acting schools and did some theatre, as well as TV guest appearances. She eventually won a supporting role in The Good Mother (1988) which was directed by Leonard Nimoy. Then she got her first major role of Marcia Holland in a direct-to-video slasher film known as Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989). She then won roles in bigger films and movies of the week, including The First Power (1990), The Finest Hour (1992) and Their Second Chance (1997).She also played Kelly Monroe in a short-lived soap called The Monroes (1995). She is also a musician and a professional sushi chef, and

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