Tony Mahony

Tony Mahony is a wonderful talent director who started out as a sought after photographer, especially in the music industry. He has gone on to direct and shoot over a hundred music videos (including Nick Cave, Paul Kelly, Kasey Chambers, Angie Hart, The Darling Downs and on and on...) as well as help develop, then direct, ABC programmes Recovery and Long Way to the Top. He then moved on to directing well known branding and retail TVCs.His short film Ray, with Dylan Lewis in the title role, has won awards around the globe. He also directed the play Shadowboxing with actor Angus Sampson, which became, according to The Age, the hottest ticket in town during its two week run.He seems to "get" talent, understanding where both actors and creatives are coming from. His working manner is calm and professional. Tony's experience with casting and directing both actors and non-actors and his profound knowledge of film and music brings enormous latitude and possibilities to his projects, resulting

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