Tomoya Nagase


Tomoya Nagase is a Japanese singer and actor. He is the youngest member of TOKIO, a Johnny Entertainment musical group. He is the primary vocalist, in addition to playing the guitar alongside TOKIO's leader, Joshima Shigeru. Nagase is known as Nagase, Tomoya, Naga-kun, Tomo-kun, Baby or Tomobaby. He recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend, Ayumi Hamasaki, one of Japan's most popular pop singers.Childhood Nagase was born in Aoba-ku, Yokohama. His father was a professional motorbike-rider. Nagase was sent to nursery at the age of 6 months because no one could look after him. His parents later divorced.CareerAs a member of TOKIO He was inspired by bands Hikaru Genji and SMAP to answer a recruiting call of Johnny Entertainment and was accepted.In 1992, he played several stage plays (PLAYZONE and MASK) together with other TOKIO members. He first played tambourine during TOKIO's early performances as SMAP's background dancers.On September 21, 1994 TOKIO officially debuted as a band a

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