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Tom Thon (sounds like tone) was born in Peoria Illinois and moved with is Mom to New York in 1948. After rocky experiences in high school he joined the US Air Force and served in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam in 1966. After 8 years in the military Tom attended New York Tech studying Industrial Engineering and spent 7 years as a quality engineer in the Space and Defense industry. He then worked with United Way Of Long Island as a Division Director. He got involved in community theater at age 36 and in 1980 played Ruckly in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest with The Hempstead Repertory Theatre. It was his first encounter with a real Director. The experience moved Tom to join the union and make a living as an actor. During the next 10 years he was directed as an extra by Simon Nuchtern in _Silent Madness(1984)_qv, John Houston in _Prizzi's Honor(1985)_qv, and Uli Edel in _Last Exit To Brooklyn(1984)_qv. Tom had a brief stint as Rae Woodard's Butler on Ryan's Hope, studied with Aaron Frankel, Herbert Berghoff and Joe Daly at HB Studios on Bank Street and worked a season at New York City Opera. He left show business in late 1991 and moved with and his family to Atlanta to raise his new son. In 2006 Tom left the corporate world behind and returned to show biz. Now he's a happy starving actor for real.

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