Tom Nolan


Young Tommy Nolan was a familiar child star face on 50s and 60s TV and in a few films as well. The name may not be as familiar but his adorable, jug-eared presence was a well-known commodity throughout the Hollywood community at the time, and he was considered a reliable and talented tyke who could easily turn on the waterworks on command.He was French-Canadian, born in Montreal on January 15, 1948. His family relocated to Los Angeles where the boy started dance classes at age 3. He made a reputable debut on TV playing Prince Edward of Wales, the son of Henry VIII, on a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation starring Sarah Churchill. As one who could easily tug at the heartstrings, he often played sympathetic young boys with afflictions, such as his crippled youngster on an episode of "My Friend Flicka" or his wealthy asthmatic on "Medic".Tommy hit his TV peak at age 10 after being cast as Jody in the gentle, non-violent TV western Buckskin (1958) opposite Sally Brophy, who played his wi

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