Tjardus Greidanus

Dutch-born filmmaker Tjardus Greidanus grew up watching the hardboiled urban crime dramas and films noirs that came out of Hollywood in the late 40's and 50's. Inspired by those films, he directed his first student feature at age 16 after his family emigrated from Holland to Canada. "The Fire Within" won the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Award for best amateur film and opened the door to film school, where he made two more student features. After graduating from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, he worked in Vancouver as an assistant director and locations manager on many movies and television series.Tjardus then moved to Los Angeles where he wrote, directed, edited and shot HBO specials and DVD content for director Michael Mann's films "Collateral", "Miami Vice", "Public Enemies", "Blackhat" and the director's HBO series, "Luck". He has also photographed several feature documentaries and the cutting edge PBS series, "Wired Science", and recently directed, wrote and edited "A

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