Tina Grimm

Tina Grimm was born, Christina Marie Grimm, on February 19th, 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a twin, whose birth was separated from her brother's by exactly one month to the day. She and her brother were true miracle babies, the last attempt after nine miscarriages.Fighting the odds since birth, Tina was born with several medical problems, including severe hip dysplasia which left her confined to a brace for the first two years of her life. Doctors feared she would never walk properly. Tina never gave up and has overcome every obstacle that has been set before her. Due to her unrelenting strength and perseverance she healed perfectly, and is now an avid runner and walks the runway in various fashion shows.Tina always had a passion for the arts. During her childhood she was notorious for putting on one act plays for an audience of stuffed animals, as well as organizing neighborhood fashion shows. Her imagination ran wild as she looked for creative ways to entertain her friends and fami

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