Thomas Ho


Born Siu Hung Ho in 1973, in the poorer part of Kowloon, Hong Kong. His father Yiu Chung Ho, a roasting chef, left his young family in search for work in England. Siu Hung and his mum joined him a few years later, when Siu Hung was only 4 years old. A new life and new surroundings soon brought a new member to the family Siu Kwan Ho. Tired of other people mispronouncing their names, the two brothers adopted western names, Thomas (Siu Hung) and Billy (Siu Kwan). Worried that his sons, would become too westernised and lose their traditional roots, Yiu Chun taught his sons Pak Mei Kuan, a martial arts that was aggressive and full on power, his father used to say, "Practise with full power or don't do it at all". Later Thomas and his brother were taught by Sifu Hau, where Sifu Hau also had a Lion Dancing troupe, when their father was too busy with work to teach them. The brothers first applied their skills on film, when they had small parts as background artists in Jacky Chan's 'Accidental

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