Thomas B. Costain

1885 - 1965

Thomas Bertram Costain was a novelist specializing in historical fiction; he published his first novel, "For My Great Folly" when he was fifty-seven years old. Before then, he was a newspaper reporter for local newspapers around his birthplace of Brantford, Ontario; in 1915, he would become the managing editor for Macleans'magazine, and would serve in that post until 1920 when he became the editor-in-chief of the Saturday Evening Post. In 1937, he became the eastern story editor for Twentieth-Century Fox, and two years later became an advisory editor for Doubleday. He had always been interested in writing novels, but his editorial duties had not afforded him much time until he was well into his fifties. "For My Great Folly" was a best seller, and was followed by a number of others, including "The Black Rose", which raced to the top of the New York Times Fiction Book List, and "The silver Chalice." His novels were historical romances noted for thorough research, rapid action, snappy dia

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