Ted Wass


Ted was born in Lakewood Ohio. He graduated from the acclaimed Goodman School of Drama in Chicago, where he performed in a wide array of the classics, from Shakespeare to Ibsen to Orton, Ted made his Broadway debut in the original production of GREASE, playing the role of DANNY ZUKO. Then came the lead role in the hit musical THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG. These performances launched a professional acting career that includes iconic roles from stage, film and television. Ted's film credits include principal roles in Blake Edwards' CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER, OH GOD YOU DEVIL and THE LONGSHOT. Among the many leads in television series, Ted may be best known for DANNY DALLAS in the groundbreaking comedy SOAP. It was while starring in the sit-com BLOSSOM, that Ted began a parallel career in directing, and after it wrapped, directing became his main focus. Regarded as one of the top multi-camera directors, sought after because of his skill working with actors, Ted has a long list of credits, whi

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