( 1965 - )

( 56 yaşında 1.8 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Tarek Mohamed Lotfy Abdallah Yeri: Mısır

Takma İsimler: Tito

Eşleri: Shahinda Saudi (1996 -) 2 çocuk ,

Kısa Biyografi

Tarek graduated in 1989 from the Arts Academy with a Bachelors degree in Acting and Directing. He caught the eye of late cinema director Atef El Tayeb who believed in Tarek's talent and introduced him in the movie "Demaa ala AL Asfalt" or "Blood on the Asfalt" in 1991. Tarek's performance won him his first award 'Best new talent' from the Egyptian Cinema's Oscar in 1992. El Tayeb had a couple of projects in store for Tarek, but his sudden and unexpected death delayed Tarek's stardom. Until he was chosen by director Esmail Abdel Hafez and writer Wahid Hamed to play the role of Mesbah in the hit series "Al Aaela" or "The family" which aired in Ramadan of 1994, starring Mahmoud Morsi and Laila Elwi. Tarek hit it off from there starring in many movies and TV series and is now one of the highly appreciated actors of his generation. He has shown the ability to play some of the most challenging and complex roles like the character of Karim Safwan in the TV series "Bent min Shobra" along side Laila Elwi and directed by Gamal Abdel Hamid in 2004, and Mourad in the movie "Fi El Eshq we AL Hawa" written by Tamer Habib in 2005.

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