Doğum Adı: Tania Helfgott

Eşleri: (2002 -)   ,

Kısa Biyografi

Tania Helfgott was born in Lima, Peru. She is a famous Singer - Actress known for her participation in several big International Festivals in the world. She became famous with Carmin, a well known Peruvian Soup opera. After Carmin she participated in many other films, soap operas, TV shows. concerts and theatrical plays. She has studied Theatre with Reynaldo Damore, Ricardo Blume and also in the Star System of Televisa in Mexico. In 1989 she had the main role in the movie: "La manzanita del diablo" of Federico García and in 2002 she also participated in the movie: 'El Forastero" of Federico Garcia. She has won several prices for her acting on T.V and in the Movies. In the Theater she won the award of the best actress of the year with her performance in the play of John Pielmeie "Agnes of God". She has also studied singing with the famous vocal teacher of the Peruvian National Conservatory, Dora Brousset. She is greatly loved by the Peruvian and Spanish people.

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