Sydney Scotia

Sydney Scotia was born on September 8, 1997 in Rochester, Minnesota to Paula and David from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada - hence the name, Sydney Scotia! At 11 months, she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. The desire to perform was always apparent. She and her brother, Samson, would act, sing and play music for anyone who would listen. Seven years of competitive dance provided her with a stage and numerous regional and national awards including Performer of the Year (Encore) and two National First Place Soloist titles (NUVO and The Pulse On Tour). In 2008 she performed 11 live shows in Hong Kong, China with the iconic 1972 Olympic Gold Medalist, Olga Korbut. The resulting interviews and documentaries expanded her focus to add acting classes to her after school schedule that already included more than 25 hours of dance per week. In 2011, after relentless pleas, Sydney successfully convinced her parents that she needed to be in Los Angeles, CA so they loaded as much as they could into the bac

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