Sven Ruygrok

Dynamic 19 year-old Sven Ruygrok graduated from Beaulieu College in 2009 with two distinctions - one of them in his favorite subject, Drama. A natural leader, Sven was Deputy Head Boy and was awarded Full Drama Colours.Until recently, he was involved in Men's Artistic Gymnastics and received his Junior Protea Colours in this sport. He is a wonderful all-round performer and this was recognized early on in his life as he successfully auditioned for Cirque du Soleil in 2005. His abilities were also more recently acknowledged by the judges in the ACT/ Dalro Performing Arts Scholarship last year, where he was one of the 6 national finalists.2010 saw Sven enroll as a student at University of Cape Town where he had been accepted for a Degree in Theatre and Performance, but he deferred his studies when he won the role of Rambo in Spud: The Movie.

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