Susan Howard


Susan Howard, best known for her eight years as Donna Krebbs in the prime-time soap opera, Dallas (1978) was born Jeri Lynn Mooney in Marshall, Texas. "I grew up with my father telling me that I was talented and beautiful and wonderful. I respected and loved my father, so I believed him - until I grew up and looked in a mirror and saw that my daddy had sort of colored the truth. But, by then, it was too late. I was hooked", she said of her life-long desire to be an actress and the support she got from her family to realize the dream. After excelling in the dramatic arts at Marshall High, where she won the UIL Best Actress Award, she was accepted at the University of Texas. There, she spent two years before Hollywood lured her farther west. Several years as a member of the Los Angeles Repertory Company, plus her years at the University of Texas, instilled in her the discipline and perspective she needed to finally make it in Hollywood. After several years of guest shots on television sh

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