Susan Blakely


She stands out easily in a crowd with her wholesome beauty, knock-out figure and dazzling smile. Ever-radiant TV and film resident Susan Blakely found success on several paths she chose for herself over the years -- first as a model, then as an award-winning actress on TV and, finally, as a jewelry designer. The trim and trendy blonde also enhanced a mild stream of popular films during the 1970s and 1980s.Born in Frankfurt, Germany, she is the daughter of U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Blakely. While growing up, she traveled extensively throughout the world with her family including Korea, Hawaii and, finally, Texas. Following a year of study at the University of Texas, Susan moved to New York and managed to secure a place for herself as a high-priced magazine and TV ad model. At the same time, she was encouraged to try her hand at acting and studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse. Married in 1969 to lawyer and screenwriting hopeful Todd Merer, she chanced a move to Hollywood to seek her fa

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