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Born and raised in Rhode Island, actor Randy Lebeau, was one of those kids who could master just about everything he became interested in.One day he picked up a guitar, and never once taking a lesson, taught himself to play very well quite quickly. Same with the drums.This ability reached new and increasingly interesting heights as he got older. He became quite good at mastering the art of illusion, whether a simple card trick or taking a gum wrapper and making it float in the air, inexplicably defying the laws of gravity. That draw toward the power of illusion continued to manifest itself when Randy became a master tattoo artist --- he was the guy to see if you wanted the best, even if the tattoo parlor he worked at happened to be in the roughest part of town.But then even that got stale, and Randy decided to leave Rhode Island and see what New York City might have to offer him. For a while, it seemed, the answer was "not much", until - in one of those magical kind of moments - he happened to be scouted by a modeling agent. And in a very short amount of time, Randy hit the dizzying heights of the male modeling world - not really caring so much about the job as he was enjoying the travel - constantly hitting Milan, Paris etc. -- Randy became a favorite for many Haute couture designers. And it paid the bills and exposed him to all sorts of places, people, characters and experiences he would come to realize pointed directly to his real desire: Acting. --And so, with that same innate ability that allowed him to master playing guitar, and his ability to master the art of illusion, which he realized translated so well into a career in the performing arts, Randy quickly found that he was, in fact, a great actor. And in a very short period of time was cast in "Don Peyote" directed by Dan Fogler, and in July of 2011, signing with one of the best management companies in New York.Hard work, innate talent, intelligence, and throwing off the challenge with a shrug.Somewhere between Depp and Ledger, you will find Randy Lebeau.

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