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Mike Zawadzki is an Executive Producer & Partner with Lightcraft. He was born on February 7th 1979 in Warsaw, Poland before moving to Kuwait in 1984 with his family. He graduated from high school in 1998 before moving to Cyprus in 2002. He started his career in 2000 in the events industry before leaving for the USA in 2002 to pursue an MBA.Upon moving back to Poland he continued to pursue a career in the events industry. In 2013 he left the events industry and branched out into film production forming his own company Zawadzki Productions which failed. Despite the failure, this endeavour resulted in him joining Lightcraft first as a consultant and then becoming Executive Producer & Partner. His first movie was Diablo where he worked as a consultant before becoming Executive Producer for the Netflix movie Bartkowiak.He holds 3 different black belts in Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Shidokan Jitsu. He is the Shidokan Jitsu Branch President for Poland. Has gained numerous medals as a Taekwondo fighter and also competed worldwide in ammateur tournaments in other disciplines like MMA and Brazilian Jujitsu. His martial arts background also includes working as a professional bouncer for a nr of years.

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