Doğum Adı: Jessica Chin King

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There is not a time Jessica can remember where her heart was not in the acting industry. As a child, she would involve herself in each movie, each character, each line, in every production. Jessica was in her early 20's when she decided to throw herself into the film industry and take a stab at it. When she made the decision to cross over and become an actor, she realized that it was not only a desire, but a life passion to be involved in a world that offers so much entertainment, yet thought provoking life situations.Her aim in the acting industry changed over the years, although she started out modelling and background, through her experience she has now embraced a deeper part of her within the industry as her career evolves into production, writing, and taking part in helping other peoples careers flourish as well.Through her acting experience, she has grown not only in the acting world but in life itself. This encourages her to not only continue her quest to provide entertainment with thought provoking content, but also provide for herself a life where she can create and offer individuals a world of escapism.Her interest in the film industry ranges from comedy, to dramas, to current world situations. As a producer, she tends to lean towards controversial topics that encourages people to see another side other than their own experiences. The latest film she is co-producing with Rodney Mark Johnson is called "All The Little Angels" which is a fictional film written to bring awareness to the human trafficking industry.Some of Jessica's interest in acting vary from topic to topic and character to character. She doesn't mind playing the out of control jealous girlfriend, or the meek and mild housewife. Jessica loves to challenge herself so she can increase her acting skills and create a sustainable lifestyle in the film industry.Jessica Believes that travelling opens the mind and matures a persons character. Well travelled herself, more in the tropical destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico. Although she does love Scotland where half her family hails from, and still is connected in a strong cultural sense. After that, New York by far is one of Jessica's favorite places in America. She plans to spend more time there in the future. Jessica plans to travel a lot more when the opportunity presents itself. Whether for work or pleasure, Jessica is open to travelling to any destination in the world.

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