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Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith is a South African born Canadian filmmaker and actor. Deborah is a self-taught film-maker who first began making films in 2014.Her short films have screened at various festivals:Sisters' Promise, a dramatic short, screened at the 2nd Annual Tottering Biped Film Festival in Burlington, Ontario, Canada in March 2015.viSitor, a suspense short, screened at the Hamilton Film Festival in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in November 2015 and also was selected to the Ozark Shorts Film Festival 2016 in Missouri, USA.Lunch In The Park, a comedy short, screened at the Berlin Shorts Film Festival in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in February 2016 and achieved a 3rd place. This was a co-production with John Migliore of Survival Zombie Films.AWAY, a dramatic short, achieved the honour of Semi-Finalist in the Metropolitan College of New York Film Festival in New York, New York, USA in September 2016.The Hider, a psycho horror short, was officially selected to the Mediterranean Film Festival in Syracusa, Italy in 2017. The Hider won Best Horror Short Film at the Alternative Film Festival 2017 Spring Edition in Toronto, Canada, and was selected to screen at the Horror at the Hooker Film Festival 2017 in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA, and also selected to Shock Stock 2017 in London, Ontario, Canada.Deborah was nominated for Best Director at the Alternative Film Festival 2017 Spring Edition in Toronto, Canada.Deborah is best known for her acting work in Friday Night Death Slot, The Demon Weed, Poltergeist Encounters, The Johnny Ghoulash Halloween Special, The Midnight Movie Palace - all directed by John Migliore, as well as Partially Devoured Movies, Can't Escape, Prisoners of Time, Sisters' Promise and Lunch in the Park.Deborah works closely with her partner, Geoff and her teenage sons, Cassidy and Keaton, who make up Deborah's production team at Two Goods Sons Productions.Deborah enjoys acting in character roles, period films, and embraces the challenge of portraying diverse characters in both film and television.Deborah lives with her family in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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