Steven C. Miller


Steven C. Miller was born in Decatur, Ga. His love for film began early when his father bought him a VHS video camera. Miller started off small with multiple music videos and short films. In 2005 Miller attended and graduated Full Sail University.In 2005, immediately after graduating film school at Full Sail University, Steven moved from Florida to Hollywood where he and two close friends raised the money to fund his feature film debut. "Automaton Transfusion." The no-budget cult phenomenon (which Miller also wrote and edited) was shot in 9 days and had a budget of under 30k.In October 2007, "Automaton Transfusion" premiered at the "ScreamFest" horror festival at the Mann's Chinese Theater. It was purchased and distributed by Dimension films.Over the next several years, Steven was attached to several studio films including MGM's remake of "Motel Hell," Paramount Vantage's "Ink" and "Area 52" that never materialized into actual films. He learned the meaning of "development hell."In 2011

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