Steve Pacaud

Having gone to high school in the small northern Manitoba town of Thompson, Steve got involved with the local cable station run by Videon Cable. There, he was able to film and edit local broadcasts of City Council and School Board meetings as well as the town Hockey Games. This led to producing a video show for the station called "Video Noize" in which two dudes rocked out by head banging on a couch in a basement while bootlegged punk music played in the background.The cable director saw potential and signed Steve up for a class at Native Communications Incorporated (NCI) where Steve learned how to create a production start to finish. some of these works included Crime Stoppers videos and a news story on Viking Helicopters who at the time carried out the water bombing on the forest fires that were active in the region that summer.NCI also had a radio channel which was played early morning on CBC television. Steve was an assistant DJ who provided character voices and wrote comedy materi

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