Sterling Hayden

1916 - 1986

Born to George & Frances Simonson Walter, and named Sterling Relyea Walter. Father died in 1925. Adopted by stepfather 'James Hayden' renamed Sterling Walter Hayden. Grew up in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Maine. Though very poor, attended prep school at Wassookeag School in Dexter, Maine. Ran away to sea at 17, first as ship's boy, then as doryman on the Grand Banks, as a seaman and fireman on numerous vessels before getting his first command at 19. He sailed around the world a number of times, becoming a well-known and highly respected ship's captain. At urging of friends, met with producer Edward H. Griffith who signs him to a Paramount contract. Fell for his first leading lady, Madeleine Carroll, and married her. Prior to Pearl Harbor, abandoned Hollywood to become a commando with the COI (later the OSS). Joined Marines under pseudonym "John Hamilton" (a name he never acts under), eventually running guns and supplies to Yugoslav partisans through

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The Godfather Saga

Yıl: 1977 | IMDB: 0809488

Ülke: ABD
Aka: Büyükbaba Efsanesi, Mario Puzo's The Godfather: A Novel for Television, The Godfather 1902-1959: The Complete Epic, The Godfather Novella, The Godfather Saga, The Godfather: The Complete Novel for Television
Tür: Suç, Drama, Gerilim
Yönetmen: Francis Ford Coppola,