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STEFAN CRONWALL, born in Gothenburg, Sweden, did the long journey before he decided to become a professional actor - he is a former stagehand at the Gothenburg City Theatre, former hard laborer, former entrepreneur in the fashion business, former circus director, a former marketing manager at one of the largest shopping malls in Stockholm, and a former globetrotter living in Hamburg, Paris, Milan, Rome, Santa Barbara and San Fransisco.As he always had a great interest in films and TV, he worked in his spare time as an extra "just for the fun of it," and has appeared in a numerous Swedish productions thru the 80s and 90s. What made him consider the possibility of acting professionally, was when he auditioned for a non-speaking-role in "Almost Elvis" - a Swedish feature film produced by Anagram Film & TV. He improvised a monologue that made the production team rewrite the script, and he suddenly got his first supporting part. That made him think. What made him decide to actively pursue acting professionally was a small incident that happened during the filming of Lars von Triers "Melancholia". After socializing with John Hurt, dancing with Charlotte Rampling, arguing with Stellan Skarsgaard as the"wedding guest" for a couple of weeks, there was an exterior take at a golf course outside Vänersborg - a Beautiful setup. He was filling space, mingling among the other sixty or so extras, just enjoying the moment. After the last "thank You," he was approached by the German actor Udo Kiers who said, "I saw what You did with the flowers - You smelled them. It was a small but beautiful thing, but You contributed - that is unexpected. You have something inside that is rare. You know, we actors see such things." That made him decide. That was 2010. Since then he has appeared in several TV productions, danish, Norwegian and Swedish movies , videos and commercials. First in "Oneliners," then in supporting acts in both independent movies and national TV-productions. He has recently been hired for one of the leads in "VIKING DESTINY" - which will be released worldwide, the lead in "The Legend of Dark Rider" - an independent film recognized by John Carpenter, as "Loki"in the Danish production of "Eric and the Gods" based on the bestselling fantasy books, "Erik Maennskeson," and as "the Guru" in the popular Swedish TV-series "Saltön". STEFAN is fluent in British English, speaks German, can handle a horse, has skills in weaponry, is dedicated, and is very social and a fun guy to be around. So, based on the above, and what I've heard from the directors and producers STEFAN CRONWALL has worked with so far, he his a potential star.

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