Sofia Milos


Sofia Milos has over 237hrs of television on the air, as well as on film. starred opposite David Caruso on the international hit show CSI: Miami as, Yelina Salas, from season 1 to season 8 (2003-2010).Starred as Homeland Security Agent Bianca La Garda, in the action packed international TV drama The Border (2007-2010), for which she won a nomination at the Montecarlo International Television Festival. Sofia Milos also hosted the Award Show in Monaco in 2012 with French Host Bernard Monteil.The role which first garnered her the international notice, was her strong performance in the critically-acclaimed HBO series The Sopranos. Sofia Milos recurred as mob boss, Annalisa Zucca, who goes toe-to-toe with Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini). With this role she showed that she possesses the ability to be strong and powerful, while still remaining feminine and vulnerable and it's these kind of performances for which she won an Artistic Achievement Award in 2010 in Banff and a Hellenic Times Award

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