Skyler Day


Skyler Day was born in Atlanta, GA in 1991. Her start in the Entertainment Industry began after a chance meeting with a talent agent in the DMV at the age of 6. She began her career with print work, commercials, voice over and eventually it lead to her first film opportunity. Skyler was 10 years old when she made a deal with her parents that if she booked the lead in a film by her 11th birthday they would move out to California. That way she could pursue her acting career more seriously. She missed her goal by only two weeks but she ended up booking the lead in "The Adventures of Ociee Nash"! Skyler's dream of moving to the West Coast came true when she and her family relocated to California in 2004.Music has also been a major part of Skyler's life. At 10 years old, she wrote and recorded her first song, "Grandaddy's Love". Since then she has taken up guitar and has written over 50 songs. She continues to write passionately today and is seldom seen without her guitar and songwriting no

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