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Silas Howard is an award-winning feature film, documentary film, music video, web series and television director and writer, with a longtime focus in telling honest, boundary-shattering narratives filled with groundbreaking characters. His career took off in 2001, when his first feature film, By Hook or By Crook premiered at Sundance Film Festival, ultimately winning Howard five Best Feature awards across the festival circuit. Howard has since directed and written award-winning feature films, documentaries, musical videos, web series and television episodes. Recent television credits include Transparent, The Fosters, Faking It, Hudson Valley Ballers, and NBC's upcoming series This Is Us.What's next for Silas Howard? San Francisco Film Society, in partnership with the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, has awarded Howard their 2015 Filmmaking Grant, to produce his newest feature film, The Lusty, about the world's first exotic dancers' union.Silas Howard received his MFA at UCLA in directing and is a Film Independent Directors Lab Fellow, Nantucket Screenwriting Colony Fellow, the 2014-15 Arthur Levitt Fellow at Williams College and a 2015 Guggenheim Fellow.

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