Sidney Brodie

Sidney Brodie is an American actor, writer, and musician performing on the college, wedding and corporate entertainment circuit since the 1980's. Officially joining the ranks of the TV and film industry in 2014, Sidney continues to attended acting workshops and auditions along the east coast. The transition to TV and film aside from a lifelong passion for the art, is fueled in part by a forced hiatus due to a waning economy and changing music scene on the circuit over the past few years.Appearing on several TV and a couple movie sets has taught that nothing truly compares to the education of actually experiencing interactions with "A listers" along side of newcomers, directors and the amazing crew that collectively help bring it all together. Sidney is looking forward to landing a leading role on a sitcom, reality show or action drama in the near future. But in the meantime combining his talents with his devotion to helping find solutions to community ills remain of paramount interest.

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