Sevil Demirci

She was born in 1966 in Iskenderun, Turkey. As an Government Officer's daughter, she studied primary and High School in Canakkale. She studied Economy in Istanbul University between 1982-1986. After her graduation she assisted Ahmet Leventoglu at Tiyatro Studio as an Assistant Director on the "Derin bir Soluk Al" play. She worked in Art group in the movie called "Cozulmeler" and "Yengec Sepeti". She worked as Producer in the movie called "Ali". She worked on TV advertisments in different positions for one year and following this step she has established with Serdar Akar and Onder Cakar the Production Company called "Yeni Sinemacilar". They have produced four feature movies up until now, including On Board (1998) and Azize: Bir Laleli Hikayesi (1999).

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