Seung-ho Yoo


He was Born in Incheon and raised there by his poor family, Yoo is the younger of two siblings. Yoo made his entertainment debut in a cellphone commercial in 1999 after Yoo's mother sent in a photo of her son to an ad agency.In 2000 Yoo began his career as a child actor, first appearing in television dramas. He rose to stardom in his first film The Way Home, playing a bratty city boy who learns to appreciate country life when he's forced to spend the summer with his deaf-mute grandmother. The low-budget film was a surprise box office hit in 2002, drawing more than 4 million admissions.He was then affectionately labeled as "Nation's Little Brother". Thereafter, Yoo also starred in animal movie Heart Is... (2006) about a boy and his beloved dog, and Unforgettable (2008) about school children from a remote island who go on a field trip to a candy factory in Seoul during the 1970s. He continued acting in television, appearing in Magic Warriors Mir & Gaon (2005), an adventure series for chi

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