Sean McNamara


To capture the essence of Sean McNamara's skills as a Director, one need not look further than critics' reviews of his latest theatrical work on "Soul Surfer" for Tristar Pictures/FilmDistrict."Soul Surfer is the kind of sturdy, satisfying family drama that doesn't get made very often anymore. But even beyond that, at crucial moments it shows there's actually a brain behind the camera. If only more pictures - made on any budget - could be that way... [McNamara's] respect for his viewers, and for the story he's telling, elevates the movie above ho-hum conventionality." - Stephanie Zacharek, Movieline"The movie dazzles in its surfing sequences, in which the director, Sean McNamara, works nimble editing and a tropical palette to a fine sheen." - Andy Webster, The New York Times"It's a good, solid family film; if there ever was a better movie to pass along a message about perseverance, courage and faith and also highlight the sheer glory of riding a wave, I can't imagine it." - Connie Ogle

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