Scott A. Martin


Scott A. Martin was born in Princeton, West Virginia and attended high school in Athens, West Virginia. He graduated from Concord University with a degree in journalism and began his professional career exploring the many avenues of such, including broadcast news, radio and news editorial. Finding the world of "journalism" to be unfulfilling Martin and his family moved to Chicago, Illinois so that he could pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an actor. In between working for The Blue Man Group and The Jenny Jones Show, Martin took classes at Chicago's Second City Theatre.While living in Chicago Martin hooked with industry veteran, Aiman Humaideh, who proved to be an exceptional friend and colleague- helping Martin land roles on the television show, Cupid, as well as in John Cusack's film, High Fidelity.Scott's son, Reese, passed away in 2007, and his daughter, Livia, lives in Princeton, West Virginia. Scott currently lives in West Virginia as well and believes that he should continue

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