Sascha Radetsky


Tall, built, handsome and striking, but as graceful as a man his size can possibly be, Sascha Radetsky has had a traditional dance history up until the new millennium. Radetsky is not only a skilled and gifted dancer, but also a heart-throb and sex symbol in his own right.Born in Santa Cruz, California, Radetsky began his ballet studies in the San Francisco Bay Area with Damara Bennett and Ayako Takahashi. Like a lot of other male dancers, Sascha got started in ballet when his older sister took classes and Sascha would have to sit and watch. He was blown away by the men in the class taking those big long leaps and jumps and decided to join the class.By 15, he was invited to Moscow's Bolshoi Academy underneath the renowned male teacher Pyotr Pestov.After a year in Russia, he studied on scholarship at the Kirov Academy in Washington, D. C. under Rudolph Kharatian and Andrei Garbouz. He toured with the Kirov Ballet throughout the United States and internationally.He also studied on schola

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