Doğum Adı: Yolanda Gene Tharpe

Takma İsimler: Seraphim Of Nazareth, Seraphim Aun Weor, Seraphim Ward

Kısa Biyografi

Sariah Bishop was born Yolanda Gene Tharpe to Parents Dotty Goodpaster and Lonnie Tharpe and to step father Dave Goodpaster... Yolanda has a 23 year old son named (King) Huy Anh Kieu in Hollywood, you can look forward to hearing from him and his music under the name "Shadow Nightmare" .. also in the family is older sister Regina Marie Lenoir, younger sister Sylvia Tharpe, big brother Michael Lenoir and little brothers CJ and Jaxson with a lot of Nephews and Nieces.Moving to Hollywood after High school as an early graduate Yolanda Gene Tharpe stepped right to it.In 2003 Yolanda Gene Tharpe recorded her first album "Mute Malevolence" under the artist name Sariah Bishop in May 2003 and a released date of October 22, (2004) Sariah was placed in countless music magazines such as "Sick Among The Pure", Gothic Beauty, Dark Realms, Heavens Metal, All Access, X-Music Magazine in China, and many more. etc.During this time Sariah Bishop was the girlfriend of "Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails" they started dating in August of 1999 as they were introduced by mutual friends on the Nine Inch Nails "the Fragile Tour" ... expanded and allowing Sariah Bishop to the introduction to his family in Mercer, this lasted for a duration of off and on dating until 2009!And later dates with "Glenn Danzig" of the Misfits, "Peter Greene" of Pulp Fiction, "Andrew Bryniarski" (Leather Face) of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and (Pogo) Madonna Wayne Gacy of the band Marilyn Manson where they began dating Summer (2011) with "Madonna Wayne Gacy" moving in the same week the two dated until June (2013).Yolanda studied film at Los Angeles Film School where she met her mentor Mick Garris (The Masters of Horror) the Executive Producer for the movie "Unbroken" Directed by Angelina Jolie, specializing in Occult/Horror Films Yolanda filmed her first movie "Angel One Eye" being this was a new added trail to Yolanda she went by the name Seraphim Ward an Occult/Horror Filmmaker, in which she got signed in Nov. (2011) to "Fenix Pictures", "Ytinifni Pictures" and "Lost Empire", now in casting Seraphim Ward's highly awaited movie " Unholywood".In Spring of 2012 "Seraphim Ward" got cast with "Bai Ling" in the movie "Speed Dragon" with then boyfriend "Madonna Wayne Gacy" (Pogo) of the band Marilyn Manson... a film Directed by Dan Frank.Seraphim Ward recorded her 2nd album "Time Heals All Wounds" with "Jason Charles Miller" of the band "Godhead" and "Bruce Somers" of the band "Kidney Thieves" which was released on "Seraphim Ward's (Sariah Bishop) own record label "Sin Icon Records" on Friday the 13th of June 2014.In (2016) Seraphim went under the name Seraphim Aun Weor promoting her new up coming album "Chaos And Innocence" when that name was short lived as Seraphim dropped the last name "Aun Weor" and added the last name "of Nazareth" in (2017) holding an exclusive release for her new single "You Never Loved Me" that was written by Seraphim of Nazareth and Produced by: "Jason Charles Miller" of Godhead and "Jamison Boaz" of Modern Weapons.In (2018) Seraphim of Nazareth recorded a new album and hit single "You Wanna Fuck a Rockstar" not yet out (remaining for her Record Deal)

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