Sarah Dawn Finer


Born 1981 as the youngest daughter of an immigrant family to Sweden - her mother Francine - a Jewish dance therapist from the Bronx, New York, and her father David - a medical journalist from London, England Sarah Dawn Finer was surrounded by a lot of multicultural ofinfluences from the word go.She grew up in a commune, full of people, music and impressions during a period of rich artistic creativity.With professional singers like Eric Bibb (international blues artist), and her grandmother Dorothy Irving (professor in the classical lieder tradition) in the family, Sarah had leading exponents of rich and diverse vocal traditions close at hand.Her home resounded with world music along with a multitude of other musical artists and genres - from Mozart to Bob Marley, Bob Dylan to Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin to Nina Simone and all that mixed with hip-hop and house.In the Finer-Mirro home, Sarah was also exposed to a lot of dance - especially by following her brother (dancer) Rennie Mirro's

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